Highlight films. Game tape. Those are all valuable, but Social Media is the new way to be discovered.
— Anonymous Sports Agent

Stand out in the Recruiting process.

As an athlete and competitor, it's your goal to be the best.  In fact, that's what drives you and makes you special.  If you're putting in the time, blood, sweat and tears to be the best, why not give yourself the best opportunity to succeed as well?

N33D Sports gets the recruiting process, we've been there ourselves and we've helped many reach their dreams.  Whether is playing at the college or professional level, we have the tools to get you to the next level!

The Method

We specialize in creating great content and not only in showing your talents but more importantly telling your story.  Let's be real.  Talent is everywhere.  The good news; you aren't just talent.  What makes you unique is how you use your talent and how it makes up your personality, character and work ethic.  Let N33D Sports tell that story.  Just like you, our method is multi-faceted.  We provide content for the traditional channels of recruiting, like highlight films and game film, but we also provide Social Media content.  Take a look at your current social media usage, it tells a lot about who you are, your friends, the things you like, it's even a place to express your emotions.  We can leverage that platform by creating high quality content that get's shared, drawing potential coaches and teams to look at you as a complete person.

N33D Sports in Action